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QES Computer's business depends on having satisfied customers tell others about our commitment to delivering the highest quality and
efficient services at reasonable prices.
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The following customers have generously given us permission to post their comments about our quality service and timely after sales support. If you have experienced exceptional service from QES Computers, please send us an email or letter and we will post your comments to our web site.

Thank you

Richard O. Johnson

"I would like to commend everyone at QES for your extraordinary level of customer service and technical expertise. I came in with a Windows 98 problem so difficult that the Microsoft technical support was unable to resolve it (and therefore mistakenly chose to blame it on hardware).

Not only did you solve the problem on short notice -- on a Saturday, no
less! -- to meet my deadline, but you went beyond just solving the problem presented, and improved the overall operation of my computer in ways I did not even know how to ask for. Processing speed for a complex floating point program increased 11%!

Credit is due to everyone: To you, Lawrence, for fostering the extraordinary level of customer service; to Henry, for solving the unsolvable in an elegant, thorough way, and helping me to recover from my own mistakes; and to Eugene, for his previous efforts and similar level of dedication in setting up and repairing my other computers."

Thank you, everyone!
Richard O. Johnson

Damien Margo

"II bought a wonderful bare bones system from QES computers! They had it built in seconds and did high quality work. This system features a stylish case, a silent power supply, a lightning fast 1600+ AMD processor, and an ASUS A7V266-E motherboard. Also, I had no trouble installing W2K with ASUS's Promise ATA-100 controller. This is the fastest and most silent computer I have ever owned.

P.S. I have referred a customer to you. His name is Sean. Hopefully he will buy from you soon!

Thanks QES!
Damien Margo
Network Administrator

Pacific Retail Consulting

"It is not often these days to find a company that works hard to please the customer. I wanted to thank you for the way you handled my recent laptop repair. Your concern and prompt response was very refreshing and I was able to use the computer on my business trip. Thanks again, and I will be sure to recommend QES to anyone seeking computer service."

Trevor Weeks

Kirk Ridgeway

"I want to express my appreciation of courteous, conscientious, and competent service you
and staff have provided me over the years. I recognize that I am a small customer in regards
to the revenue I bring into your business, yet I have routinely been provided the attention a
larger client would expect to receive. For this I am appreciative.

I will continue to use your business for my computer needs and highly
recommend your services to those I talk with."

Kirk Ridgeway


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